Glass partitions are now a common sight in many modern homes & offices designs across the world. They are ideal for giving you a spacious & open feel whilst still maintaining an element of privacy. From reception and lobby areas of offices, schools, medical clinics & even in people’s homes, glass partitions offer a unique addition. MSTS offers wide range of partitions with modern style, workability & seamless functionality, our systems allow you to accommodate different thicknesses of glass, so a wide range of acoustic ratings can be achieved.

Double Glazed Partitions

Partitions in meeting rooms and offices allow for quiet work and confidential meetings – where a high degree of acoustic separation is required. An example of this would be client meeting rooms for legal firms. Our partitions offer a practical and innovative solution for the discreet division of office space – providing acoustic and visual privacy while allowing natural light through. Our partitions add a contemporary feel that increases visibility across workspaces.